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What’s been stirring our thoughts recently? Why does a work culture benefit from remote discussions? And how can you get the most from your meeting? The answers are all here in our round-up of news, views and insights. Spare a few minutes, and if you have anything to add then drop us a line.

A new Meetupcall for a new world of meeting remotely

2020 will go down as one of the strangest years in living memory for plenty of reasons, but one positive to come out of the year so far is that we have had lots of time to work on our product to help you get more from your remote meetings.

It’s behind you! What your video calling background could be saying about you

Recently I've found that I’m making lots of assumptions and judgements based on what’s going on behind my video conferencing friends during lockdown calls.

Coronavirus & conference calls: our remote work diary

At Meetupcall we thought we were well prepared for remote working, but on the day that the Prime Minister advised that workers should stay at home wherever possible, it turned out that we weren’t as well prepared as we’d have liked (but then again, who was?)

6 ways to thrive when working from home

Here are some tips on how to get more out of your working from home experience.

How to make sure your conference call runs smoothly during the global COVID-19 pandemic

If you want to give your conference call the best chance of running without a hitch then we've got three simple steps for you to follow during these unprecedented times.

Our guide to emergency remote working

Given the travel restrictions and work from home advice that we're now seeing from governments around the world, we've put a simple five-step guide together to help you plan for how your business would react should your employees be forced to work remotely.

We’ve improved our conference call dashboard

We've recently made some changes to our conference call dashboard in order to improve the whole user experience.

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