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What’s been stirring our thoughts recently? Why does a work culture benefit from remote discussions? And how can you get the most from your meeting? The answers are all here in our round-up of news, views and insights. Spare a few minutes, and if you have anything to add then drop us a line.

How to make sure your conference call runs smoothly during the global COVID-19 pandemic

If you want to give your conference call the best chance of running without a hitch then we've got three simple steps for you to follow during these unprecedented times.

Our guide to emergency remote working

Given the travel restrictions and work from home advice that we're now seeing from governments around the world, we've put a simple five-step guide together to help you plan for how your business would react should your employees be forced to work remotely.

We’ve improved our conference call dashboard

We've recently made some changes to our conference call dashboard in order to improve the whole user experience.

Keep it brief! How to keep your meetings under an hour

I recently came across a saying; “If you want to actually get something done, then ask a busy person.” I can’t think of a situation where this is more apt than in a business meeting, where the scope to keep talking can sometimes feel limitless.

“Let’s walk!” – The advantages of walking meetings

Whereas not every important issue in a workplace will suit a walking meeting format, it is an incredibly practical way of using the most in demand resource available to us – time.

How to stop prospects from cancelling your meeting

You've nailed your pitch and booked a meeting with a big prospect, but on the day of the call the client doesn't show. Here's how to stop it happening again