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10 hacks for chairing a successful meeting

So you've got to chair a meeting but you're not sure where to start? Follow these 10 simple hacks and you'll find your meeting will run without a hitch.

The pitfalls of multitasking

Most of us are so used to multitasking that we probably think that we’re doing it well. So it may come as a surprise to find out that we’re definitely not

Tips on running a successful board meeting

As much as a regular workplace meeting can be a minefield to organise and conduct, organising a board meeting is a completely different animal.

How does Elon Musk conduct his famously efficient meetings?

Using his personal style to approach every facet of his work, Musk has not only elevated the idea of what a successful meeting is but also revolutionised it

How do I conduct an effective meeting?

Good meetings don’t just happen by chance; they are the result of extensive thought and forward planning. Find out how you can conduct an effective meeting in our latest blog post...

Case study: Acer

Having previously used an antiquated and expensive conference call service, Acer were in need of a solution that would save them time and help reduce their conferencing bills.