Case Study

We needed a remote meeting provider who helps us build personal relationships

“Meetupcall have excelled where others have failed us dreadfully”

Gous Ahmed
IT Director at The Communications Store
  • Location London
  • Industry PR & Communications
  • Employees 170

The Communications Store (TCS) are a leading personal relationships agency based in the centre of London. They work with the world’s best brands and cover a range of industries including fashion, beauty, lifestyle and digital marketing.

Here Gous Ahmed, IT Director at The Communications Store, explains why they trust Meetupcall with their remote meetings.

What issues were TCS trying to solve?

TCS have a user-base of over 130 people so it is important for us to have a reliable system in place. With our previous provider we experienced regular connection and quality issues which had a negative impact on their remote meetings.

Why was Meetupcall a good solution?

Meetupcall provides the customer support and connection reliability which is essential for our users. They developed a custom plan which fit our business requirements whilst maintaining a significant cost saving. The plan offers additional features which makes for a better all-round remote meeting experience.

How was the move to Meetupcall?

Absolutely brilliant. We love it. We found that the support was amazing which really helped with the transition to Meetupcall.

The results

Cost saving is a huge benefit for us. Our user-base love the product and have commented on the excellence of the service, which is great for me as the IT Director!

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