Case Study

Acer UK trust Meetupcall with their remote meetings

“Meetupcall is simple to use, provides all the functionality we need and is not over-priced.”

Jay Johnson
UK IT Coordinator at Acer
  • Location Worldwide
  • Industry Electronics
  • Employees 7,000+

Founded in 1976, today Acer is one of the world’s top ICT companies and has a presence in over 160 countries. With more than 7,000 employees, Acer had revenues of over £6bn in 2017.

Here Jay Johnson, Acer’s UK IT Coordinator, explains why they trust Meetupcall with their remote meetings.

What issues were Acer trying to solve?

The original setup when I took up the role as IT Coordinator for Acer UK was one whereby our receptionist held three dedicated conference room phone numbers, these were managed by her and she had to schedule who could call into which conference ‘room’. There was no additional functionality, it was expensive and also time consuming for all concerned. I wanted a tool which everyone could use independently of one another, took no time at all to understand how it works, provides all the functionality of sharing screens and more besides, and is not over-priced. Meetupcall ticked all the box’s and three years in we are still enjoying the experience.

Why was Meetupcall a good solution?

Firstly it was a vast improvement on the previous system. Second it was customizable to show our business logo at the top and in doing so makes everything appear more professional. Last but by no means least it is an inexpensive tool for the functionality contained within.

How was the move to Meetupcall?

As convenient and as simple as you could wish for. I am still amazed how easy the setup was, as well as the housekeeping to remove/add users.

The result

Silence from my end users, no complaints, no grumblings, nothing. Absolute bliss from an IT standpoint!

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