Dial-out Pricing

Meetupcall can dial out to any country in the world

Who is dial out for?

Dial-out is ideal for any organisation that hates wasting time – on average latecomers to a conference call waste 11 minutes of everyone’s time. With dial-out Meetupcall will call everyone who needs to be on the call at the start time, so your meetings start on time, every time.

What is dial out?

Conference call dial-out is where Meetupcall calls you (rather than you dialling in) and your attendees at the conference call start time and automatically adds you to the conference.

Who pays for the call?

The leader will be billed for the dial out charges for all attendees that use this feature.

How much will it cost?

Prices vary per country, and are billed in addition to any conference minutes. Once you have signed up for your account, if you log-in and go to the countries tab you can enter the phone number you want to dial out to and we’ll let you know the additional cost you will pay.