1-Touch dial-in

1-Touch dial-in

Simply tap a button on your smartphone and join your call instantly

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No PINs, no ID numbers. One tap and you’re in

Still trying to remember the leader PIN, phone number and conference room ID for your call? Say goodbye to frustrating conference calling. With Meetupcall all it takes is one tap via your smartphone and you’re in

The magic touch

What with bank cards, email accounts and social media, we already have too many numbers and passwords to remember. With 1-Touch Dial-In you can be on a conference call in just a few seconds straight from your phone. No passwords or PINs required

Sorry wrong number

How many attendees have attempted to join a conference call only to misdial the number and delay the meeting? With 1-Touch Dial-In you can join a call super-fast with just one tap from your smartphone. No wrong numbers. No redials. No hassle

Right place, right time

Waiting around for latecomers to join a call while they search for numbers or passwords wastes time and money. 1-Touch Dial-In is fast and simple, so all attendees get to your call at the right time, with as little effort as possible

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