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download-free screenshare

When you need more than just video or audio in your remote meeting, our in-browser, download-free screenshare feature allows everyone on a call to share their screens – with one simple click.

Share your screen with guests quickly and easily

Our in-browser, download-free screenshare feature is perfect for when you need to share documents, present slides or just to help explain your point. Because there are no downloads required, anyone can quickly share their screen with one simple click.

  • Seeing is believing

    Selling a product? Demonstrating a service? You want the ability to share your screen with minimum effort. With screenshare, guests can see your screen in their web browser, as well as sharing their own screen when needed.

  • No need to email

    There’s nothing worse than an inbox clogged with large documents. We let everyone share their screen while in a remote meeting, so complex ideas or processes can be shared without the need to ‘email it over’.

  • No downloads required

    Our screenshare filter is built to be used in your browser, so you don't need to download any software to share your screen. Simply click a button in your meeting room and you're away.

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