Let anyone take part,
however they want

Remote meetings are a part of daily life now, so it's important that whoever and wherever your guests are, they can join your call. With Meetupcall, you can concentrate on your meeting, and forget about the software.

What does flexible joining mean for your meetings?

Think about it - you rarely know for certain where your guests are, whether they’re on the move, how reliable their Wi-Fi is, or if they’re even comfortable with digital connections at all. So the more options you give them, the happier they’ll be. Flexibility ensures meetings are never a chore or challenge. It reflects well on you too. This is what our platform can do for your interactions at the drop of a hat:

  • Connect on any device

    Guests aren’t forced to use a phone, tablet or computer. It’s up to them. And they can switch if they need to - for instance, moving from laptop to mobile if their internet signal becomes patchy.

  • Video stays fit for purpose

    Make video meetings an option - not an expectation. With Meetupcall, you only bring video into play when the moment calls for screen-sharing, extra sensitivity or closer rapport.

  • Better quality, total convenience

    Thanks to HD resolution and background noise filtering, every word and gesture hits home. Plus, we can call guests and drop them straight into the meeting. Or they can join with one click from their smartphone.

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