Arrange a remote meeting
with up to 200 guests

Secure invite makes scheduling a remote meeting a doddle. Wherever in the world your guests may be, we make sure everyone gets on the right call, at the right time, every time.

Scheduling a remote meeting for the future? Secure invite makes it simple.

When arranging a remote meeting for a future date, secure invite makes it easy. Simply create an event in your calendar, add the emails of your guests and include; we'll then send invites to all your guests with personalised details of how they can join your meeting.

  • It’s in the diary

    Arranging remote meetings can be time consuming. You don’t have to worry about that with secure invite. Plus, you can arrange a meeting straight from your calendar in just a few seconds without the need for software downloads.

  • Get in the (time) zone

    International guests can have issues due to different dial-in numbers and time zones. Our secure invite service gives attendees the best dial-in number and converts the start time based on their time zone. Now calls are more efficient and on time.

  • Here’s a reminder

    What date is the meeting? What time is it? Secure invite sends a confirmation email to guests with the meeting details and a reminder email 15 minutes before the meeting starts. It ensures the maximum number of guests join the call with the minimum of fuss.

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