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Strangers crashing meetings? Leaked recordings? Your data sent to third parties so they can target you with ads? Not with Meetupcall. Remote meetings is all we do, so we place absolute priority on the privacy and data security of our customers and their guests.

What protections do we offer?

Like choosing how many locks and alarms you put on a door, with Meetupcall you can make your meeting rooms as secure or convenient as you require. We’re fully certified by ISO 27001 standards - so no matter what you go for, rest assured that our experts know their way around best data practices. That means our processes are watertight; your information won’t be leaked or compromised. It's your call, have it your way...

  • You are our only customer

    With Meetupcall you won't find any free plans, and that's because you are our only customer. We don't operate ad networks or deal in personal data. You can be confident that what is discussed on your call, as well as you and your guest's data, will never be compromised.

  • Unique meeting PIN numbers

    Our ‘secure invite’ feature sends every guest their own unique link that’s valid only for that meeting, and only as the meeting takes place. It means no strangers or unwanted guests eavesdropping on your confidential meetings.

  • Control your meeting room

    Lock your meeting room or remove any guests with a single click. Meetupcall has been designed for quick, simple action that means you can have complete confidence in who you're speaking to, and who's listening.

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