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If Meetupcall is your remote meeting room, think of our support team as your remote receptionist. We are always here to make sure both you and your guests get on to your call when you need to. We're available by telephone, email or live chat 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

How can we help?

We’ve designed Meetupcall to be simple - for anyone who’s dialling in. However, you’ll still save countless headaches by letting us answer your questions and resolve any user issues. We place someone at your side so there’s no downtime or frustration. It means we’re far more convenient than a typical meeting platform. Let’s explore exactly how we can help you...

  • A seamless transition

    We'll handle the transition and roll-out so you don't have the stress you'd usually associate with implementing a new piece of software. With Meetupcall, what can often take weeks can be done in days.

  • Your remote receptionist

    You can be confident your important guests will have a great first experience of joining your call, with our support team on hand to provide real-time support should they have any trouble getting into your meeting.

  • Training and onboarding

    Let us onboard and train all your users for you so they're up to speed from day one. We'll then provide them with ongoing support so they can come directly to us with any questions.

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