How Meetupcall works

Every Meetupcall account includes your corporate branding as standard. You can upload your company logo, choose your corporate colour or an image for your background and record your own conference welcome message. We will be on hand when you sign up to help make sure everything is set up perfectly for you.

Arranging a meeting

It’s your call, have it your way with a choice of ways to arrange a remote meeting

1. Personal meeting link

When you log in to your Meetupcall account you will see your personal meeting link. Simply copy your meeting link and share it with your guests. When they click the link they will be taken to your personal meeting room.

Your meeting will start when you join the room, with all guests choosing their preferred joining option (either by dialling in on a phone, using their internet audio or via video).

2. Secure invite

When scheduling a meeting for the future, easy invite is perfect. Simply create an event in your calendar application at the time you want the meeting to take place, add the email addresses of all your guests, and then add to the guest list.

We will then send personalised email invites to all your guests with details for how they can join the meeting, and follow up with a reminder email 10 minutes before the call is due to start.

3. Traditional audio conference call

Log in to your Meetupcall account and find your conference ID and PIN number. Then go to the numbers page and find the best dial-in number for your guests based on their location.

Simply share these details with your guests and all they need to do is dial the phone number you have given them and enter the conference ID and PIN number.


For detailed instructions on how each of these works, or for any other information visit the support section of our website, or call our support team on +44 (0)203 137 8933.

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