Remote meeting features

Our suite of handy tools and features help you get the most out of your conference calls. Save time and improve your productivity with Meetupcall


International coverage

Meetupcall gives you access to more than 100 dial-in numbers in over 60 countries around the world. What’s more, our dial-out feature works in every country on the planet, so no matter where you and your attendees are, you can get on to that all important conference call

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Remote meeting dashboard

Our remote meeting dashboard creates a virtual meeting room. Login to the dashboard via your web browser, or click the link in the email invite and view your call in real-time. All attendees can use video provided they have access to the internet and a web cam, whilst audio-only attendees can join the same call using either their telephone or over the internet

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Call me when it starts

Save time and money with dial-out, the remote meeting feature that calls you and your attendees just as the meeting is about to start, rather than waiting for people to turn up. The average time wasted waiting for everyone to join at the start of a conference call is 11 minutes, but with dial-out that will become a thing of the past

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Remote meeting recordings

With Meetupcall you can securely record, replay and share all of your meetings. Never miss an important point again. With remote meeting recordings enabled, you can play back the conversation at a later date, share with people that need to know, and take notes in your own time.

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Download-free screenshare

When you need more than just video or audio in your remote meeting, our in-browser, download-free screenshare feature allows everyone on a call to share their screens – with one simple click.

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Secure meeting invitations

Arrange a call with up to 200 guests in a matter of seconds directly from your calendar app using our secure invite feature

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HD Quality

Never mishear anyone again thanks to our crystal clear HD audio with sound normalisation technology and 1080p quality video

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One-touch dial-in

Simply tap a button on your smartphone and join your call instantly without any long ID or PIN numbers to remember

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Account administration

Our intuitive administration area allows you to add new leaders, see your monthly usage, view previous invoices and much more

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